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Near the south coast at Mennogeia (Larnaca district) on a hill overlooking the village, 3 miles (5 km) northeast of Kophinou, at 120m a.s.l.

Description: The present much altered dome-hall structure with semi-circular apse was built in limestone rubble masonry. The walled north arched recesses suggest the existence of a now lost north ‘aisle’ (north cross arm and compartments of a cross-in-square?).

Dating: A likely but far from certain 12th-century date has been proposed [MKE 8, 132-33].

Later additions / alterations: At an unrecorded date the west part was shortened (the west wall interrupts the recesses) and the north recesses were walled. A pointed arch was added under the east arch of the dome and the dome itself was rebuilt in ashlar. The church was redecorated in the late medieval period. The decoration was damaged during a restoration campaign in the late 19th / early 20th century [Jeffery (1918) 187].

Modern repairs: In 1977 the abandoned structure was repaired: a new floor was installed, a window was opened in the walled north arch, the vaults and the drum were repaired, and the roof was tiled [ARDA 1977, 16-17].