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location: Near the south coast at the north edge of Kiti (Larnaca district), attached to the northeast compartment of Panagia Angeloktiste. The settlement at Kiti is perhaps attested in medieval sources [Papacostas (1999a) 6.C.39].

Description: The tiny barrel vaulted structure with semi-circular apse was built in rubble masonry, perhaps as a funerary chapel [Jeffery (1918) 186; Gunnis (1936) 273].

Dating: A 12th-century date or at least a terminus ante quem is suggested by the earliest layer of fresco decoration [MKE 1, 48-49].

Later additions / alterations: The interior was redecorated in the 15th century [MKE 1, 49-50; Stylianou (1985) 51].

Modern repairs: In 1967 an early 20th-century room west of the chapel was demolished, the vault was repaired and tiled, and the door with its relieving arch was rebuilt. Medieval tombs were reported outside the north wall [Papageorgiou (1969) 220-21; ARDA 1967, 12]. Subsequently the plaster was removed from the interior and the frescoes were consolidated [ARDA 1972, 14]. In the 1980s the frescoes were cleaned, the different layers were separated, and the masonry was repaired [ARDA 1983, 20, 1984, 21, 1985, 23].

Early literature: A chapel with late medieval frescoes is mentioned by Smirnov in 1895 [Smirnov (1897); p. 651 of Greek translation].

Plan / section: Jeffery (1915/16) 121 [the apse window is not shown]; Soteriou (1935) 25.