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Near the southwest coast to the east of Souskiou, 3 miles (4.5 km) northeast of Kouklia (Paphos district) along the north bank of Phatalas stream (a tributary of Diarizos) at 300m a.s.l. The ruins around the church may have belonged to a monastery. Saint Theodosius of Judea owned extensive properties in the area in the 12th century [Richard (1986)].

Description: The now vaulted (and originally dome-hall?) structure was built in rough ashlar with a semi-circular apse. There are recesses along the north and south walls from the original phase, although their arches were rebuilt later [MKE 8, 154-55, where it is stated that the recesses belong to a later phase]. The original vault stood lower than the modern reconstruction (traces survive on the west wall). The lower courses of a later (non-bonding) narthex are visible.

Dating: A 12th century date or at least a terminus ante quem is suggested by the style of the original fresco decoration fragments in the east part of the vault and in the apse (lower part of a standing figure with red shoes: Archangel?) [MKE 11, 170]. A date in the second quarter of the 12th century has also been suggested by Procopiou [Procopiou (2006a) 281].

Later additions / alterations: The central blind arches were rebuilt in good ashlar (non-bonding with the walls) perhaps when the redecoration was executed (16th century?).

Modern repairs: After damage by the earthquake of 1953 the walls were restored up to vault springing level [ARDA 1956, 15]. Minor repairs were undertaken again in the 1960s and in 1975 a major restoration campaign resulted in the construction of the present barrel vault [ARDA 1963, 10, 1975, 21].

Early literature: A ruined chapel surrounded by the ruins of a village or monastery is mentioned by Ross in 1845 [Ross (1852) 191; see also Jeffery (1918) 386].

Views: Soteriou (1935) pl. 74, 75, 77a [apse frescoes, in much better condition than today, as attested in Gunnis (1936) 291].

Plan / section: Soteriou (1935) 49 [before the restoration]; Procopiou (2006a) 283-286.