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Situated in the Karpas peninsula, 1 mile (1.5 km) east of Rizokarpaso (Famagusta district) not far from the north coast, at 100m a.s.l.

Description: The barrel vaulted structure with semi-circular apse was built in relatively good ashlar in regular courses. The cult of Andronikos and Athanasia is attested since the 12th century when Neophytos the Recluse wrote an encomium and was brought holy oil from the saints’ shrine in Attaleia [Delehaye (1907) 178-80; for the saints’ depictions, see Mouriki (1993) 247].

Dating: A 9th-century date has been proposed [MKE 2, 68 and 182 (no dating evidence given)].

Modern repairs: The structure was strengthened and a new floor was installed in 1973 [ARDA 1973, 15-16].

Early literature: Mentioned very briefly in Jeffery (1918) 253.

Views: ARDA 1973, figs. 21-22 [before and after the repairs].