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0.5 mile (1 km) east of Phrenaros (Famagusta district).

Description: The well preserved tiny dome-hall structure was built in regularly coursed ashlar, except from the west façade that appears to have been modified. The dome rises upon a high drum with four windows, while the apse has a triple window. Flat arched and recessed niches flank the doorway on the west façade. Traces of fresco decoration remain in the central north and south arched recesses as well as in the apse conch (very damaged large bust of Virgin with Child); a now lost fresco in the dome depicting the Ascension was reported in the past [Papageorgiou (1990) 197].

Dating: The similarities with the mid-12th century Kanakaria narthex (especially the protruding lower part of the pendentives), the triple apse window (as in the 12th-century churches of Amasgou, Asinou, Saint Hilarion, Lagoudera, Perachorio and Peristerona), and the semi-circular arches and vaults suggest a date in the later 11th / first half of 12th century A date in the first quarter of the 12th century has been suggested by Procopiou [Procopiou (2006a) 99].

Later additions/alterations: The lower courses of a non-bonding narthex survive west of the church [MKE 2, 183].

Modern repairs: Minor repairs to the structure (dome drum) were carried out and new gypsum panels for the windows were installed in 1974 [ARDA 1974,18-19]; a new floor was laid in 1995/96.

Early literature: The painted decoration had already disappeared by the early 20th century [Gunnis (1936) 386-87].

Views: ARDA 1974, figs. 23-24 [before and after the repairs].

Plan / section: Papacostas (1999a), vol. 3, fig. 13; Procopiou (2006a) 103-106.