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In the Karpas peninsula, 5 miles (8 km) southwest of Rizokarpaso and 2.5 miles (4 km) northeast of Galinoporne (Famagusta district), on the probable site of a medieval settlement [MKE 12, 351].

Description: The now ruinous vaulted pier basilica was built over a 6th-century column basilica perhaps destroyed during the Arab raids, incorporating its three semi-circular apses and its west wall, to which a three-bay vaulted narthex was attached [MKE 12, 351; Papageorgiou (1982b) 438].

Dating: The architecture suggests a likely late 7th-9th century date [mid-7th century: Megaw (1974) 76; 8th century: MKE 12, 351], and is related to the Aphendrika group [see Panagia Aphendrika for dating arguments].

Early literature: Hogarth in 1888 mentions the ruins of a Byzantine village and nearby a ‘dilapidated church of unusual size, surrounded by traces of a cloister’, although a few years later Enlart reports that there were no other ruins in the area apart from the ‘Romaneque’ church. On the other hand ‘traces of a cloister court’ were also reported by Jeffery, who probably never visited the site, having drawn his information on the cloister from Hogarth and on the church from Enlart [Hogarth (1889) 79; Enlart/Hunt (1987) 307; Jeffery (1918) 259-60; on the state of the ruins in the 1930s, see Gunnis (1936) 414].

Views: Enlart/Hunt (1987) 308; Megaw (1946) 53 and 55.

Plan / section: Enlart/Hunt (1987) 307 [the different phases are not shown]; Megaw (1946) 55.