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In the Karpas peninsula, 1 mile (1.5 km) north of Rizokarpaso (Famagusta district) near the north coast.

Description: The small single-aisled vaulted structure was built in rough ashlar masonry. An early 13th century fresco decoration is preserved on the north wall. Fresco decoration on the south wall, a basalt column in the apse and large stone slabs for the roof are reported by Gunnis [Gunnis (1936) 412].

Dating: A 12th century date has been suggested [MKE 9, 321].

Later additions / alterations: The east part and the apse were rebuilt at an unrecorded date (presumably following their collapse) [MKE 9, 321].

Modern repairs: In 1972 the structure was repaired, the roof was tiled and the surviving fresco decoration was consolidated [ARDA 1972, 13].

Views: ARDA 1972, figs. 36-37 [before and after the repairs].