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Near the south coast and the monastery of Staurobouni [Papacostas (1999a) 6.B.I.74], less than 1 mile (1.5 km) east of Kophinou (Larnaca district), southeast of Saint Herakleios, at 140m a.s.l.

Description: The dome-hall structure with long east and west barrel vaults and a semi-circular apse, was built in rubble masonry. It has five blind arches / recesses along the north and south walls, somewhat reminiscent of the Kanakaria narthex.

Dating: A 12th century date or at least terminus ante quem is suggested by the earliest layer of fresco decoration and the architecture [MKE 11, 56; Gabelić (1984) 149-50; a dating in the Lusignan period is suggested in Soteriou (1931a) 486]. Procopiou proposes an early 11th-century date [Procopiou (2006a) 369].

Later additions / alterations: There are remains of fresco decoration datable to the 14th / 15th century and the 15th / 16th century [Gabelić (1984) 154].

Modern repairs: Repairs to the already ruined structure were made in 1950. In the mid-1970s the collapsed vaults were rebuilt in order to protect the fresco decoration, while the roof and masonry were repaired [ARDA 1950, 10, 1975, 18, 1982, 20].

Views: Soteriou (1935) pl. 36a [before the restoration]; ARDA 1975, figs. 29-30 [before and after the restoration].

Plan / section: Soteriou (1935) 31 [the section shows the building’s state before the restoration]; Gabelić (1984) 144 [based on Soteriou]; Procopiou (2006a) 374-375.