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Near the south coast and the monastery of Staurobouni [Papacostas (1999a) 6.B.I.74], less than 1 mile (1.5 km) east of Kophinou (Larnaca district), northwest of Panagia church at 140m a.s.l. The site overlooks the southward exit of a low but important pass from Nicosia to the south and southwest coast through the eastern foothills of the Troodos Mountains.

Description: The small domed square structure was built in rubble masonry; its (now collapsed) dome was drumless, and there are traces of a Deesis fresco decoration on the north wall [Gabelić (1984) 143 n.1].

Dating: Probably of middle Byzantine date, with a 12th century (?) date possible if indeed it was a funerary chapel for, or related to, and contemporary with the nearby monastic (?) church of Panagia of Kophinou.

Early literature: Gunnis reported now lost fragments of a large marble sarcophagus near the chapel [Gunnis (1936) 282].