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In the south foothills of the Pentadaktylos Mountains at the foot of Buffavento castle peak (954m a.s.l.), less than 1 mile (1.5 km) northwest of the monastery of Koutsobendes (Kyrenia district) [Papacostas (1999a) 6.B.I.45; medieval churches: Panagia Aphendrika, Holy Trinity, Saint John Chrysostom, Saviour] at 580m a.s.l.

Description: Now in ruins, the dome-hall structure was built in rubble masonry, except from the round blind arches under the dome on the north and south walls, where ashlar masonry was used. Only the south wall and the south part of the dome drum still stand. There are traces of fresco decoration in the south arch wall and the soffit (saints in medallions) [MKE 4, 52].

Dating: A late 11th century date or terminus ante quem is suggested by the style of the fresco decoration [MKE 4, 52]. A late 11th-century is also proposed in Procopiou (2006a) 318.

Early literature: The church is perhaps identical with the ruin at the foot of Buffavento included by Enlart in his list of Byzantine churches [Enlart/Hunt (1987) 29, n.41].

Plan / section: Procopiou (2006a) 320-321.