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In the southern foothills of the Pentadaktylos Mountains, 0.5 mile (800m) north of the village of Koutsobendes (Kyrenia district), near the monastery of Saint John Chrysostom [Holy Trinity and Saint John Chrysostom; Papacostas (1999a) 6.B.I.45], at 400m a.s.l. The structure is attached to the ruined chapel of Panagia Aphendrika, with which it presumably served the monastery’s cemetery [tombs were reported in Jeffery (1907a) 23 and Jeffery (1918) 273]. The Saviour is perhaps to be identified with the chapel of Saint Lazarus, mentioned in the monastery’s typikon [Englezakis (1996) 635, n.3].

Description: The now ruinous small dome-hall structure with semi-circular apse and an arched reccess in the middle of the north and south wall was built in rubble masonry using some brick. Fragments of fresco decoration are preserved in the north recess (Crucifixion, Deposition, Lamentation, Anastasis) [Stylianou (1985) 463-67].

Dating: An early 12th-century date is suggested by the style of the fresco decoration [Papageorgiou (1965b) 18: mid-12th century date; Hadermann-Misguich (1985) 239: before c.1150; Stylianou (1985) 465: early 12th-century date]; a late 11th / early 12th-century date is also proposed by Procopiou [Procopiou (2006a) 323].

Later additions / alterations: A (now ruined) narthex was added at an unrecorded date, perhaps before the construction of the Panagia chapel to the north?

Modern repairs: The frescoes were cleaned in the 1930s and the interior of the ruinous shell was cleared and consolidated, while further repairs were executed to ensure the preservation of the Lamentation fresco in 1956 [Bardswell (1938/39) 307-8; RDAC 1937-39, 181; ARDA 1956, 15].

Early literature: The church was already in ruins by the turn of the 20th century [Jeffery (1907a) 23, Jeffery (1918) 273; Gunnis (1936) 293; Bardswell (1938/39) 307-8].

Views: Soteriou (1935) pl. 30b; Bardswell (1938/39) 306, Papageorgiou (1965b) pl. XV.1, and Stylianou (1985) 464-65 [Lamentation fresco].

Plan / section: Jeffery (1915/16) 121; Soteriou (1935) 45; Procopiou (2006a) 326.