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In the Karpas peninsula, 2 miles (3 km) south of Korobia (Famagusta district) near an ancient site [Hogarth (1889) 76-78; Jeffery (1918) 260-61].

Description: Now in ruins, this was a vaulted pier basilica with its barrel vault on transverse arches carried by corbels. Traces of fresco decoration survive [Papageorgiou (1966a) 221, Papageorgiou (1982a) 469-70, Papageorgiou (1982b) 438; MKE 7, 239-40].

Dating: A late 7th-9th century date has been suggested [see Panagia Aphendrika].

Early literature: The church was briefly mentioned by Hogarth in 1888 [Hogarth (1889) 77].