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In the ancient / late antique city of Arsinoe / modern Polis (Paphos district), an episcopal see until the 13th century [Papacostas (1995) Gazetteer 3] where occupation in middle Byzantine times is suggested by coin finds [Pitsillides and Metcalf (1995) 8-9]. The basilica on the site was first located in the 1920s, and was excavated in the 1980s, when domestic (?) buildings (occupied in the 5th-10th century) were also identified nearby [Childs (1988) 122; BCH 113 (1989) 837, 114 (1990) 982-83, 115 (1991) 827-29, 116 (1992) 819, 119 (1995) 829-32].

Description: The now excavated barrel vaulted (?) structure with transversal arches on engaged piers was built over the nave of a late 5th-century three-aisled basilica after its destruction. Later the central bay was covered by a dome and buttresses were added [report by S. Ćurčić in Childs (1988) 127].

Dating: A date soon after the late 7th century for the vaulted structure and a 12th-century date for the domed phase have been suggested [Childs (1988) 127].

Later additions / alterations: A portico was built along the south façade in the 13th / 14th century (later walled) and a narthex was also added [Childs (1988) 128-30].

Plan / section: Childs (1988) 128.