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In the southeastern part of the central plain near the coast (Cape Greco) at Phrenaros (Famagusta district).

Description: The dome-hall structure was built in fairly regular ashlar courses. There are large shallow round blind arches on the north and south gables (and perhaps on the west façade too, hidden by the western extension). The church has semi-circular arches and vaults. The western (non-bonding) dome-hall extension was built in similar masonry, with semi-circular vaults and arches; its niche-like lateral recesses open into the larger central recesses of the north and south walls. The recessed arches of the small windows of both naos and western extension are similar to those of the extension of the nearby church of Saint George of Chortakia (north façade).

Dating: An 11th / early 12th-century date for the naos and the first half of the 12th century for the extension have been suggested. A likely mid-12th century terminus ante quem for both parts is provided by the semi-circular arches and vaults; the 12th-century style of the Annunciation fresco in the north arch of the naos under the dome confirms this terminus [MKE 2, 341]. Procopiou proposes a mid-11th century date for the naos and an early 12th-century date for the narthex [Procopiou (2006a) 113 and 115].

Later additions / alterations: A domed porch (now walled) was added west of the western extension in the late medieval / Ottoman (?) period [13th century according to Procopiou (2006a) 422]. The interior was whitewashed, and new doors and windows were opened in 1885 [Gunnis (1936) 385].

Modern repairs: In the 1980s the plaster was removed revealing traces of fresco decoration and a walled door and window on the south wall of the western extension; the window was reopened [ARDA 1986, 19, 1987, 25].

Plan / section: Procopiou (2006a) 117-120.