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In the ancient / late antique coastal city of Soloi (Nicosia district), an episcopal see through the middle Byzantine period [Papacostas (1995) Gazetteer 14].

Description: The (excavated) large late 5th / early 6th-century three-aisled timber roofed column basilica (built over a five-aisled mid-4th century basilica) was refurbished by Bishop John after damage by fire during the mid-7th century Arab raids. The extent of damage and therefore the scale of the subsequent restoration remain both uncertain; it was perhaps limited to the timber roof [Papacostas (1995) Gazetteer 14.d].

Dating: The damaged basilica was restored in 654/55, according to the inscription excavated in the atrium in 1974 [Papacostas (1995) Gazetteer 14.d].

Later additions / alterations: The church was destroyed again, possibly by fire, and it was abandoned by the 10th century [9th-century plates and 10th-century burnt amphorae excavated in the destruction layers: Hayes (1980b) 379-80; des Gagniers and Tinh (1985) 98 and 112]. A small chapel was possibly erected later over the ruins [BCH 93 (1969) 555].

Modern repairs: The basilica was identified in 1964 and excavated in 1966-74 [Papageorgiou (1965a) 96; des Gagniers and Tinh (1985) 6-9].

Views : des Gagniers and Tinh (1985) figs. 117-120 [inscriptions].

Plan / section: Megaw (1974) 65 [showing the basilica at the early stage of excavation]; Papageorgiou (1985b) 312; des Gagniers and Tinh (1985) pl. 1 [completely excavated basilica].