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Near the south coast, 1.5 mile (2.5 km) south of Kalavasos (Limassol district) in a partly excavated late antique village on the east bank of the Vasilikos [see Papacostas (1999a), vol. 1, 36-37].

Description: The small vaulted single-aisled structure was built over the bema of a 6th-century three-aisled basilica incorporating its apse with a geometric floor mosaic and repaired wall mosaic. A second similar structure was built (contemporaneously?) over the basilica’s south chapel [Rautman and McClellan (1990) 236-38, Rautman and McClellan (1991) 10-12; McClellan and Rautman (1991) 228-35, McClellan and Rautman (1994) 289-93].

Dating: A mid-7th century date is suggested by the coin and pottery finds in the destruction layers of the basilica [BCH 115 (1991) 816-17].

Later additions / alterations: The site witnessed occupation into the 8th century before its abandonment, as suggested by the ceramic evidence (lamps and bowls) [Rautman and McClellan (1991) 12; McClellan et al. (1993); BCH 116 (1992) 812-13].

Modern repairs: The site was excavated in 1989-91 [ARDA 1990, 54, 1991, 60-61].

Plan / section: Rautman and McClellan (1990) 237; Rautman and McClellan (1991) 11; McClellan and Rautman (1991) 229; McClellan and Rautman (1994) 291 [showing the progress of the excavation without distinguishing between phases]; BCH 115 (1991) 814 [showing the later chapels within the outline of the basilica].