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In the Mesaoria plain, southwest of Nicosia at Psimolophou (Nicosia district), on the east bank of the Pediaios at 320m a.s.l. The settlement of Psimolophou is attested since the early 14th century [MKE 14, 152-53; Mas Latrie (1879) 414; Richard (1947)].

Description: The ruins of the partly excavated barrel vaulted or dome-hall structure with horse-shoe apse stand up to c.1m above the ground. Three bays are formed by two engaged piers along the north and south walls, built in rubble.

Dating: An 11th / 12th century date is suggested by the (unpublished) excavation finds [MKE 15, 330-31].

Modern repairs: The medieval church was identified and excavated in 1996 [MKE 15,330-31]. Three tombs were discovered under the floor, and the excavation also yielded fragments of plaster with painted decoration, small marble columns and other finds.