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Near the east coast, 2.5 miles (4 km) southwest of the walled city of Famagusta (Famagusta district). ‘Farango’ (a settlement?) is recorded among 15th-century fiefs [Mas Latrie (1886) 418 and 420] and as ‘S. Zorzi Farangu’ in Venetian sources [Grivaud (1998) 161]; ‘San Giorgio del Faragio’ is marked on the sketch of the siege of Famagusta (1571) by M. Kartaro, to the southwest of the city [Stylianou (1980) 53 and 242].

Description: A dome-hall structure.

Dating: A middle Byzantine date is suggested by the semi-circular arches and vaults [MKE 4, 55]; a likely early 11th century is suggested by Procopiou [Procopiou (2006a) 34].

Later additions / alterations: A western extension was added in late medieval times, and a north extension in the early 20th [MKE 4, 55].

Plan / section: Procopiou (2006a) 37.