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Near the south coast, 1 mile (1.5 km) east of the ancient / late antique coastal city of Curium at the south edge of Episkopi (Limassol district) on the west bank of Koures river. It was presumably the seat of a bishopric after the abandonment of Curium in the 8th century (?), although only one bishop of Curium is attested in middle Byzantine times (Michael in 1051) [Papacostas (1995) Gazetteer 7]. It was probably abandoned by the local bishops by the late 13th century, when the Greek bishop residing at Leukara was described as ‘bishop of Amathus and proedros of Limassol and Curium’ [Coureas (1997) 311].

Description: A three-aisled basilica with three apses, of uncertain dimensions, support and roofing system, using spolia from the deliberately dismantled 5th-century episcopal basilica at Curium [Megaw (1993) 60-62].

Dating: A late 7th century / early 8th century (?) date is suggested by the evidence for the abandonment of the episcopal complex at nearby Curium [Megaw (1993) 60-62].

Later additions / alterations: The opus sectile floor added well after the construction of the church suggests the latter’s use into middle Byzantine times [Michaelides (1993) 78 and n. 50]. In later medieval times the church was incorporated into a large agricultural complex including a manor and sugar refinery [Brigitte-Porëe (1995) 431-33].

Modern repairs: The site was cleared and excavated in the late 1970s [BCH 103 (1979) 722, 104 (1980) 803].